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Membership of the Indian Association (Manukau) New Zealand shall be open to any person interested in Indian Culture and of the age of 18 or over living anywhere in New Zealand. Membership will be counted per individual.


  • The Executive Committee shall have the power to accept or decline any individual’s and organizations’ membership application without assigning any reason.

  • Membership applications shall be in writing in the format approved by the Executive committee.

  • The intending members shall apply to the Secretary who shall forward the application to the executive committee for consideration at its next meeting.

  • Financial member is defined as a member who has paid his subscription during the financial year, latest by the last working day of December in that particular calendar year.

  • Members can resign by giving written notice to the Secretary. The subscription paid will not be refunded.



  • Be part of the decision making for the Indian diaspora.

  • Be informed about various socio cultural events with priority seating and opportunity to participate as performer.

  • Opportunity to get various submissions towards relevant legislation.

  • Be part of the association that is keen to lift the profile of Indians in NZ.

  • Take responsibility of passing on rich Indian culture to younger generations.


Become a member

To join Indian Association Manukau New Zealand please complete the membership form and send it to

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